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Hubei Boyuejia Industrial Co., Ltd.
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Development Prospects

      BOYUEJIA EPS sandwich wall panel is tailored design for modern high-rise building, eco energy saving apartment, intelligent office environment, frame structure low rise building. The rigid demand of energy saving eco building generated the creation of lightweight eps sandwich wall panel, and the developing of the eps sandwich wall panel reflected the influence of the new technology to the construction industry. The 21th century is era for rapid development of science and technology, and the eps sandwich wall panel is going to replace the traditional block technology to fulfill the eco-friendly and energy saving requirement of the modern building.
1. why BOYUEJIA wall panel gained market recognition?
Lightweight: cut 80% weight of the brick concrete wall, decreased project construction cost.
Thin: the strength of 90mm thickness BOYUEJIA wall panel is even to 240mm brick wall, saved 10%-13% of the room space.
Physical index: the performance of compressive strength, flexure strength, anti-bending load, shock resistance, sound insulation, heat reservation, fireproof, drying shrinkage are all better than national architectural material industry standard.
Wall surface: smooth, spiking, sawn, sticky, drillable, easy cutting and assembling.
Construction speed: saved plaster process, tile or other decorative material fixing directly, speed up the construction for 3-5 times.
Economy: cheaper than tradition wall panel, reduced project comprehensive cost.
Scientific structure: concave docking between two panels, filling expander cement mortar, improved anti-impact force and anti-shocking performance, well solved panel cracking problem.

2. BOYUEJIA wall panel design concept 
      There are three main wall materials in the market: brick, block and panel. BOYUEJIA EPS cement composite wall panel as a new type wall material widely used in interior wall, exterior wall, partition wall, roof panel, floor panel and fence. It speed up the construction, saving labor force, improving usable area of the building, reducing the comprehension construction cost, it’s the trend of wall material reform and development .
      The raw material of BOYUEJIA EPS cement composite panel is eco-friendly and easy to find, such as sand, EPS particles, cement and calcium silicate board.
      There are many different wall panel in the market, such as GRC cement hollow panel, gypsum hollow panel, silicon magnesium solid panel and composite solid panel and etc. But the eps cement composite panel becoming the more and more popular due to the better performance of fireproof, sound insulation, heat reservation, grooving and spiking.

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Hubei Boyuejia Industrial Co., Ltd.
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Address:#901, Block 2, Harbour of Technology Times, No.35, Optical Valley Ave., Wuhan City, China
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