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Hubei Boyuejia Industrial Co., Ltd.
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Address: #901, Block 2, Harbour of Technology Times, No.35, Optical Valley Ave., Wuhan City, China
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lightweight wall panels for the construction of Tianhe Airport

    Wuhan Tianhe International Airport (ICAO airport code: ZHHH; IATA airport code: WUH), referred to as “ Tianhe Airport”. It was built from 1990 and put into use in 1995, located in Wuhan city, Hubei Province, Huangpi District. It is one of the 8 regional hub airport, central China’s largest aircraft maintenance base, A level national civil airport, the first 4F class of central China.

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    Tianhe Airport T3 Terminal Building started to build from 26th, July,2012 and plan to put into use at the end of 2016.
    Tianhe Airport Phase III project (ie, T3 terminal building construction project), total investment of 15.959 billion yuan, the design goal is to achieve passenger throughput of 35 million people, cargo throughput of 440,000 tons, equivalent to Phase II more than 3 times by 2020. The main projects include: build a new second runway in 3,600 m length, 60 m width following the 4F standard, the highest standard which can undertake the taking off and loading of Airbus A380 aircraft; build 2 new parallel taxiways, 4 vertical by-pass runways connecting east and west flight zones ; newly build T3 terminal building with an area 370,000 square meters, more than the total area of T1, T2 terminal buildings, ranking No.1 of central China. Parking apron, air traffic control building, international freight station, parking lot, airline office buildings will be built at the same time.

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    In the bidding process for construction of T3 terminal building, Boyuejia won the bid with strong comprehensive strength, high-quality advanced products, professional construction technology, quality and thoughtful service in many bidders. The department who are responsible for the bidding process of project clearly stated that the building materials provided by bidders must with fire proof , sound insulation, waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-seismic, strong hanging performance, etc, while the construction team also need to have rich experience of large building construction. Some bidders have to withdraw from the bid due to lack of experience of large building construction or lack of technical strength or products can not meet the standard required after repeated bids.

Boyuejia EPS lightweight wall panels 02.jpg

    Boyuejia won the bid after repeated tender and bid, but Boyuejia didn’t enjoy any relax and held a meeting immediately to discuss the construction program. At the meeting, the person in charge of the project predicted the unexpected situation that may occur in the construction and developed more than two sets of emergency treatment plan. The meeting issued a "safety construction manual" and "Job responsibility", requiring all construction personnel in the field must do well their own work, pay attention to the safety of construction. Clear division of labor, responsibility to the people; scientific construction, to ensure safety!

Boyuejia EPS lightweight wall panels 04.jpg

    At present, there are about 100 Boyuejia personnel wearing uniforms are working in the construction site of “ Tianhe Airport Project”, Under the leadership of project manager and construction manager, they work from 7 o'clock in the morning until 8 o'clock in the evening, try their best to ensure the quality and quantity of the construction according to the two sides agreed. Look at the lightweight partition board materials shipped to the construction site, and more walls are built , the entire building structure gradually began to appear. The construction workers suddenly surging with a sense of excitement: team of Boyuejia---they unite, make something step by step ; they overcome so many problems to finish tasks according to the plan ; they achieved some good results by hard working and persistence.

Boyuejia EPS lightweight wall panels 05.jpg

    Project leadership team grasping the fine weather favorable opportunity, study the construction site in depth and organize scientific construction regardless of bad environment, traffic inconvenience and heavy rainfall. In order to ensure the implementation of plan and grab the opportunity, Boyuejia all construction team initiative commitment: First, the day to be completed must be done the same day, do not finish will not get off work; deliver meals for lunch and supper to the scene to grab the opportunity to eat on the spot.
    The hot sunshine baked the construction site of “ Tianhe Airport Project” in July, every corner of the site are suffering hot wind, every member of Boyuejia are strictly obey the arrangement and deployment of field leadership, conscientiously to complete their tasks to make their contribution to the “ Tianhe Airport project” though suffering hot weather. They are energetic and did their best to finish tasks everyday and no one complained the hard work, which shows the Wuhan Spirit “Dare to be the first, the pursuit of excellence” by actions.
    You will get what you pay for. The whole construction team of Boyuejia received highly recognized and awarded “ Luban Award” by the chief leader of the “ T3 Terminal Project” by tacit cooperation, reasonable scheduling and scientific construction. Every member of the workers in the construction site were very excited when they heard that they got the award, and they said they would continue to do the construction work to ensure the quality and on time of the completion of construction tasks.

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Hubei Boyuejia Industrial Co., Ltd.
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Address:#901, Block 2, Harbour of Technology Times, No.35, Optical Valley Ave., Wuhan City, China
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