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Comparison of light partition wall materials

    In modern buildings,the partition wall has been widely used.Normaly the partition wall can be divided into 2 parts, Artistic partition wall and functional partition wall.The Artistic partition wall can add dimensional administrative levels,increase useable area ,beautification space.The functional partition wall can divided the room into several small rooms,increase the useable area.Now the boyuejia wall panel will lead you to see all the kinds of partition walls:
    1.Red brick wall
    It was the most traditional way for walls, considering to the load factors ,the red brick is good.
    Advantages: load bearing wall with good hanging force and cheap price
    Disadvantages:it was not eneivonmental friendly with radioactive, when the dead load is heavy,t red brick is not suitable for the structure. At the same time,the anti-quake function not good,and install is slow and there exsist many construction waste.

Comparison of light partition wall materials 01.jpg

     2.ALC partition wall : Autoclaved Lightweight Concrete
    It was mainly composed of flyash,cement and lime.After more than high pressure steam curing of aerated concrete moulding plate (containing the treated steel).The ALC wall panel not only can be used as the wall panel,but also it was good roof panel material,it was newly wall material.
    Advantages:Anti-quake,sound abaorbtion and easy install
    Disadvantages:price is higher,the fireproof and waterproof function is worse than Boyuejia eps cement sandwich wall panel.The ALC without heat preservation function and the dead load is bigger.

Comparison of light partition wall materials 02.jpg

    3.GRC lightweight wall panel
    The GRC wall panel is composized of Special cement with  inorganic material and additive, Fit into the slurry,by putting the air into the mixer,to comes with several single and double holes,make it lightweight and than can be keep afloat
    Advantages:Sound absorbtion,heat preservation,fireproof and easy processing.
    Disadvantages:Non-load bearing,hanging force worse, Easy to be affected with damp,easy to see the crack between two panels(Waterproof gypsum board) ,only can be used as interior.

Comparison of light partition wall materials 03.jpg

    4.lightgage steel joist
    lightgage steel joist use together by putting the gypsum board on the surface of it . construction process is easy and carpenters knows how to do it.Both of the sides of lightgage steel joist need to put the gypsum board ,the thickness for the lightgage steel joist after installed the gypsum board is about 100mm.
    Advantages:lightweight,anti-quake,dust proof ,fast building and easy installation
    Disadvantages:The connection between the lightgage joist and the gypsum board is easy to crack,and for the sound absorbtion,damp proof function not good.low strength,can not be used as load bearing wall,and can not be used in bathroom,toilet.It was easy to be firied and it was hard to pass the fire-protection acceptance.

Comparison of light partition wall materials 04.jpg

    5.Lightweight brick wall panel
    The lightweight brick is also named foam brick,it will not add the structure load and no need fire with clay ,it’s environmental friendly.
    Advantages:It was lightweight than the red brick,concrete brick,with good sound absorbtion, Good permeability and no deformation .
    Disadvantages:The manufacturer for this kind wall brick is rare in China,for small bulk cargo is not competetice for shipping and price.Dampproof and heat preservation function is worse ,can not be reuseable.If for a whole wall built by the foam brick,the strength is weak and can not be reusable.

Comparison of light partition wall materials 05.jpg

    6.Glass block
    The glass block is usually used as the partition for chicken and bathroom,waterproof,fireproof good,it was very suitable for kichen and bathroom.Not only can avoid the damp but also with a good light to the space.
    Advantages:Waterproof,fireproof, transmitting.make the insight big and dimensionality.
    Disadvantage:it was easy to be broken,can be used only several parts in a space,fireproof and heat preservation function is worse,can not hang for the TV ,and the price is higher.

Comparison of light partition wall materials 06.jpg

    7.Glass wall
    The connection between the glass wall and the wood frame ,connection between the glass wall and the aluminium alloy frame,mainly used in the living room and dining room,dinning room and kitchen.As the glass wall is transparent,To do the partition by the glass wall,on one hand,divided the space and on the other hand, Visual and not blocked, very transparent.Especially when using between the kitchen and dinning room,not only avoid the lampblack but also with Visual unobstructed.
    Advantages:waterproof,fireproof,transparent.visal unobstructed and dimensionality.
    Disadvantages: it was easy to be broken,can be used only several parts in a space,fireproof and heat preservation function is worse,can not hang for the TV ,and the price is higher.

Comparison of light partition wall materials 07.jpg

    8.Gypsum board 
    The partition wall panels need to consider about its fireproof function,damp proof ,high strength function.The Gypsum board as kind of simple partition wall with many style, three dimensional.also its fireproof function is good and for the price is much competitive than other partition materials.
    Advantages:Price is competitive ,flexible, dimensionality and good fireproof function
    Disadvantage:difficult to handle the gap,easy to crack,not sound proof,not heat preservation,easy to be broken ,not hanging force,especially no waterproof .

Comparison of light partition wall materials 08.jpg

    9.Boyuejia FPB lightweight sandwich wall panel
     The Boyuejjia lightweight wall panel was composed of calcium silicate board as surface board,filled with eps,cement and sand as core material.For Boyuejia wall panel with many advantages,such as lightweight,energy saving, cost Efficiency,anti-quake,fireproof,heat preservation and sound absorbtion function.Not only widly used in modern buildings and also used for some communal facilities. Can effectively achieve a multi-purpose.For the Boyuejia FPB wall panel with a male and female groove,the install is really simple ,you only need to put the panel straight and than coonect the two grooves together with some cement adhesive.It’s easy and fast install.
    Advantages:lightweight,high strength,damp proof,fireproofmsound absorbtion,anti-quake,environmental friendly,heat preservation,fast building,cost efficiency and reusable.
    Disadvantage:No founding obvious shortcomings at present

Comparison of light partition wall materials 09.jpg

    Partition principle of material selection
    When choosing the partition wall materials,you need to choose the wall material according to its different characteristics.
    For the dining room and the living room we should consider to the useable area.Comparing to the traditional partition walls,per using 100m2 Boyuejia lightweight FPB sandwich wall panel can increase 4.26m2 area.Consider to those who wants a bigger area,the boyuejia wall panels is the best choice.
    For the toilet,we should consider to the waterproof function when choosing partition wall material,By using Boyuejia wall paenl not only with good waterproof function but also can ensure privacy.
    For the bedroom ,we need to consider to the sound absorbtion function. It was necessary to create a quiet and comfortable bedroom environment.In Modern society people's pressure is big,it was quiet important to having a good rest environment.So when choosing the partition wall for bedroom,we should take the sound absorbtion function into great and first consideration.
    Also we should consider to the strength for the wall panel ,cause it was easy to crack.And can not shrink the useable area for the room,by using Boyuejia wall panel can help you to solve all these problems.
    There was a variety of partition wall material on the market at present,so we should choose the suitable partition wall for different places.Not only considering the factors of safety and comfort, and to match and the overall decoration effect.

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