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Light partition board let the building more Comfortable

    The poor insulation and energy saving of traditional buildings are due to the weak heat preservation performance of the brick masonry structures wall body. The heat resistance ability of the normal wall materials like red brick, cement brick are poor and can not effectively obstruct the indoor and outdoor heat exchange makes the building hot in summer and cold in winter. Boyuejia Lightweight partition board aim to thermal insulation from the material selection to structure design, it is a real heat preservation material. Warm in winter and cool in summer will be no longer a dream if you choose Boyuejia Lightweight partition board for interior and exterior walls.
    Energy-saving building era, people in order to save the winter heating, summer cooling costs, in addition to choose lower power consumption of heating and cooling equipments , it should also enhance the heat preservation performance of the building envelope structures (including exterior wall, roof, doors and windows and floor etc). Currently on the market the anti-fire performance of the majority of the heat preservation materials are poor, which explains why these materials are not widely used. Boyuejia Lightweight partition board not only with good heat preservation performance but also achieved the national A level standard of anti-fire ability and become a new kind of wall materials widely promoted during the 13th five-year plan.

Lightweight partition board.jpgLightweight partition board.jpg

    Boyuejia Lightweight partition board with cement composite sandwich board calcium silicate board or fiber reinforced calcium silicate board as a middle panel, filled with lightweight composite plate EPS cement, polystyrene foam particles and fly ash lightweight core material of a composite formation. Building energy efficiency is the focus of attention of the construction industry, in July 1, 2005 promulgated the "public buildings energy-efficient design standards" and "residential building energy-saving design specifications", the design of energy-saving buildings in the future to enhance good thermal index of building envelope is to use large number of solid composite wallboards. Boyuejia Lightweight partition board with a composition of composite energy-saving wall board made of pure natural quartz powder with high purity, high standard cement, polystyrene particle materials such as disposable composite, plus its own internal cellular structure and particle polystyrene insulation to ensure its good insulation function, is an ideal product for indoor and outdoor building energy-saving wall plate. It can be with the seasonal climate change and automatically adjust the moisture content in the indoor air humidity, to maintain a constant level, to achieve the ecological regulation effect, make you more comfortable indoor environment, in line with the development trend of modern residential building.

Lightweight partition board 01.jpg

    The heat transfer coefficient of Boyuejia Lightweight partition board with 180mm thickness is less than 1.0B/W/m2.k, which is a real thermal insulation wall material. The use of Boyuejia composite wallboard as the internal and external wall material which can truly achieve warm in winter and cool in summer.

Lightweight partition board 02.jpg

    Want to know more light partition plate product information and construction cases are welcome to call the Boyuejia consulting: 400-013-9278/18071719278. We always adhere to the quality of survival, science and technology and progress, innovation and development, to win the credibility with good service. We will try our best to offer you best service with first class quality, dedicated construction technology, best service team.

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Hubei Boyuejia Industrial Co., Ltd.
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Address:#901, Block 2, Harbour of Technology Times, No.35, Optical Valley Ave., Wuhan City, China
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