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Hubei Boyuejia Industrial Co., Ltd.
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Address: #901, Block 2, Harbour of Technology Times, No.35, Optical Valley Ave., Wuhan City, China
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Boyuejia wall panels improve Airport construction

     Wuhan Tianhe International Airport (ICAO airport code: ZHHH; IATA airport code: WUH), referred to as "Tianhe Airport", built in 1990, come into use in 1995, in Huangpi District of Wuhan City Hubei Province. One of the eight regional hub airport in China, the largest aircraft maintenance base in Central of China, first level of National Civilian Airport, first 4F class airport of central China.

July 26, 2012, Wuhan Tianhe International Airport T3 terminal start to build, scheduled to be put into use by the end of 2016.
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    Tianhe Airport III phase project ( T3 terminal construction project), with a total investment of 15.959 billion RMB, the goal is that passenger will be up to 35 million, cargo throughput will be up to 44 million tons, more than three times equivalent to II phase project. The main construction contents include: newly build 3,600 meters long, 60 meters wide second runway, according to 4F grade construction standards, the highest level in domestic, support A380 aircraft taking off and landing; two new parallel taxiway , four vertical connection taxiway between west and east fly zone; the total area 370,000 square meters of the new T3 terminal exceed T1, T2 terminal sum, ranking first in central. Apron, air traffic control building, international freight stations, car parks, office buildings and other airlines, will also be built.
    In the bidding process of T3 building wall construction, Boyuejia stood out among the bidders as  strong comprehensive strength, advanced high-quality products, professional construction capabilities, excellent service awareness and attitudes. The tender clearly required wall materials must be fireproof, sound insulation, water proof, moisture proof, anti-quake, strong hang performance, while the workers also need to have experience in building large-scale construction. After several bidding process, some bidders were dropped out due to product can not meet requirements, or because lack technical strength, or because lack management experience of large-scale project.
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    Ultimately, Boyuejia successfully won the bidding through several selection, but Boyuejia did not relax one second, they convened the leader of each department for discussing the construction program at the first time, the leader of engineering department made two contingency plans for unexpected and may happen emergency situation, issued a "safety construction manual" and "job responsibility", required that all construction workers have to do their job well, always pay attention to safety.  clear division, responsibility to the people; scientifically construction, ensure safety!
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    Currently, there are a hundred dressed, uniform overalls Boyuejia construction workers on "Tianhe Airport" project site. Under the lead of project manager and construction manager, they work from 7:00 am until 8:00 pm every day, and assure the quality and quantity according to stipulation. Witness the partition board material deliver into the site by trucks, walls stand one by one, whole building has begun to gradually catch the eyes. construction workers surge a sense of excitement: Boyuejia excellent staff ---- they are united as one, to complete the project step by step; they solve all sorts of problems, insist task plann; they work carefully, painstaking persistence, grit teeth to get success!
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    Project Department leadership grasp the favorable opportunity of fine weather, not obstruct by serious environments, not obstruct by terrible traffic, not obstruct by torrential rain, still carefully study on site, carefully organize scientific construction on site. To ensure that plans are in place and catch the opportunity, all construction team has voluntarily committed to: First, the day’s work must be complete on the day; Second, lunch and dinner deliver to the site for win more time.
fireproof waterproof Insulation EPS Panels3.jpg
    It is very hot in July, "Tianhe Airport 'project construction site is parched, every corner of the site are boiled hot. Boyuejia construction team insist work under the hot sun, sweat like rain. every one strictly obey the leadership arrangements, carefully and consciously carry out their tasks, neither conceited nor rash, orderly. Painting on the "canvas" of  "Tianhe Airport",  brilliant interpretation.  Faced with brutal harsh conditions, Boyuejia workers, no one call bitter shout tired, and they always so energetic, serious and practical to do every job every day,  they are explaining the Great Wuhan Spirit by their own action - "to be pioneers, to pursue the excellence"
fireproof waterproof Insulation EPS Panels4.jpg
    Paid must be return, Boyuejia entire construction team won "T3 terminal" general leader’s high recognition and was awarded "Luban Award" Medal of Honor, as their tacit understanding, rational management, scientific construction. Heard won a prize, every resident construction workers felt very thrilled and excited, they said they will modestly work in the following future, ensure quality and complete the task on time.
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Hubei Boyuejia Industrial Co., Ltd.
Tel:+86-27-59109550 E-mail:[email protected]
Address:#901, Block 2, Harbour of Technology Times, No.35, Optical Valley Ave., Wuhan City, China
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