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Hubei Boyuejia Industrial Co., Ltd.
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Address: #901, Block 2, Harbour of Technology Times, No.35, Optical Valley Ave., Wuhan City, China
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World tour exhibition of Boyuejia energy saving wall panel- Vietnam

2016 Vietnam International Building Materials Exhibition

Industry: building materials

Host country: Vietnam
Host city: Ho Chi Minh

Name of exhibition hall: Saigon Exhibition Center, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Exhibition time: August 27, 2016 - August 31, 2016
Sponsor: Vietnam VIETBUILD exhibition company

Boyuejia booth number : A3 District, 1326

2016 Vietnam International Building Materials Exhibition.jpg

General profile of building materials exhibition
    Vietnam international building materials and home furnishing products exhibition was founded in 1958, since the beginning of 1998 held in Hanoi in April, to 2015 , it has been successfully held 27 sessions, all have many famous enterprises from Germany, Thailand, Singapore, China, India, South Korea, France, Malaysia, Switzerland and other countries and regions to participate, which is the largest and most professional building materials industry exhibition in Vietnam. We choose this fair from many Vietnam building material exhibition projects, through the on-the-spot investigation, according to the scale of exhibition and the number of professional visitors and trade effects, exhibitors generally reflect the trade effect is nice, and the cost (booth fees and personnel costs etc.) is relatively low, is conducive to the development and consolidation of the market.
    Review of last fair : exhibition area: 22000 square meters. The number of exhibitors: 800 exhibitors, from 18 countries, a total of 2,000 booths. Among them, 452 domestic exhibitors, 225 joint ventures, 123 international exhibitors . Visitors number: 400,000. Customer satisfaction / China Pavilion data: according to the survey, the overall effect of exhibitors satisfaction reached 88%, an average of about 53% exhibitors in the exhibition continue to apply exhibition booth for next session to be able to keep the original position of the exhibition.
Market Overview
    Vietnam's population of about 86 million, the demand for urban housing a total area of 37 million square meters, a total investment of about 562 trillion vnd (about $32 billion). At present, about 7 million people have the purchase or rental demand for housing, the total area of up to 150 million square meters. In 2009 -2015 need to build 22 thousand and 500 rooms in Vietnam to meet the needs of tourism development. In recent years, Vietnam, , Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and other ASEAN countries are in a new round of boom for the construction of  infrastructure and civilian residential building, but most of building materials products rely on import. Since January 1, 2010, there are about seven thousand products will enjoy zero tariff treatment between China and ASEAN countries. Vietnam, as one of the ASEAN member countries, is the most convenient channel for Chinese products to access to the 500 million consumer market of ASEAN countries. Now China has become the largest trading partner of Vietnam, which has brought unlimited business opportunities to the Chinese and Vietnamese enterprises. Vietnam's economy is entering a period of rapid growth, real estate, roads, power plants and other infrastructure projects continue to be launched, residential, new urban areas, industrial areas, special economic zone have also emerged a new round of boom. Vietnam ministry of construction, said the country's construction materials industry growth rate is 17% per year, currently Vietnam has about 300 large scale building materials enterprises ,but the investment of these enterprises scattered, lack of advanced production technology, lack of product R & D capability, market competitiveness is generally weak, so the market in the high-end products in Vietnam still need to be imported to meet the needs of the market.
    Foreign trade team of Boyuejia will be there waiting for you

    Boyuejia foreign trade sales team will be with you at Vietnam VIETBUILD international building materials fair.

    Hubei Boyuejia company always holds the core idea "quality of survival, credibility of development," in the daily operation. "Boyuejia" light partition board has been widely applied in various provinces and cities all over the country with its reliable quality, high quality price ratio. Meanwhile, the practicality, safety and high quality of Boyuejia boards have also attracted great attention from foreign customers. At present, "Boyuejia" lightweight partition board has been exported to Oman, Egypt, Poland, Cyprus, Trinidad and Tobago, Australia, Portugal, Chile, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Philippines, Mozambique and other more than 50 countries.
At present, Boyuejia is actively expanding overseas markets, I believe that in the near future Boyuejia panels will be widely applied in the construction of global green buildings.

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