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How to maximize the space by using lightweight partition board

    At present, our country's large population economy rapid development, the per capita land use under the condition of value is inherently less, how to maximize the land use has become one of the main problems at present stage. No matter for business or for personal, increase use of space in a limited area is a top priority
    Some people may ask that how to enlarge the space for buildings?In recent buildings,eventhrough many buildings are using steel structure,and it also has its important structure and less important structure.For the ring beam and stand column are main structures,for the partition walls are the auxiliary structure.So after finished the structure,the partition wall with distribution box and bathroom wall partition walls are mian partition walls.For the main structure can not change freely,cause it will have great importance for the Circuit poor connect and Housing leakage…Before the change, should fully consider the necessity of the change Due to the change after the partition is not directly above the bar, this will give full consideration to floor load capacityUsually the partition wall was built together with the steel structure,and for the changed part only can be installaed on the floor. General building floor design load of 150 kg/square meters, the wall is a concentrated load If due to the overload of the floor slab, could lead to a surface crack,it may cause several problems in the future. Focusing On The Problem,the boyuejia lightweight wall panel can solve the problem very well.
    Some customers may think that using the eps cement sandwich wall panel may increase the cost,also they are worrying about the steel structure may not with a good sound abaorbtion function,they wall panel may crack ,and for the hanging force they also worried about it.A lot of projects  proved that Boyuejia lightweight partition materials series is easy to tear open outfit is in the form a complete set to change Easy construction direction,and for the partition wall itself was become mature day by day.
    In Nowar days in the sound insulation effect of lightweight partition board products Metope bearing performance such as hanging force impact resistant fireproof moistureproof made a major breakthrough.Not only the weight is really light and also its fireproof,water proof,heat preservation,anti-quake, ggainst chapping function has become more and more mature.
    Especially for its surface panel calcium silicate board panel,with a good fireproof,sound absorbtion function, Punching deformation, saved the chisel trough time.the hanging force can be 120kg Quick installation without plastering mortar, can be directly on the wall paint putty, improving the construction efficiency.
In one word,building by Boyuejia lightweight concrete panel is more competitive.Due to it’s main components are eps,cement,sand and calcium silicate board,it was environmental friendly ,soil saving.Protecting the environment from basicly by using less soil,less energy and also it was lightweight ,can save the building cost.

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Address:#901, Block 2, Harbour of Technology Times, No.35, Optical Valley Ave., Wuhan City, China
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